Senior Session Part 2 – Samantha

There are too many pictures from the Katie/Samantha/Sarah session to put in one post, so I’m splitting them up over today and tomorrow. We’ll start with Samantha.

And Buzz.

It’s going to become rather obvious that this spot and this outfit created some of my favorites from Samantha’s session:

In this next one, I asked Sam if she was willing to sit in a grubby parking lot with who-knows-what on the concrete underneath us. She was happy to oblige. Sometimes I ask my clients to do things that seem kind of mean. But I promise I don’t ask anything of you that I wouldn’t do myself.:)I may have been laying on the nasty concrete here. And that would explain why my elbows are all chewed up and scabby…

Yes, I was laying in the weeds. Yes, they were laughing at me.:)But the weeping willow was so pretty from this angle:


This is Buzz. He’s beautiful. And he’s Sam’s. He’s been hers since she was a year old. So we had to include him in her senior session. ‘So glad we did.

Something about all of these next few images just makes me happy. I think these 2 like each other:

Buzz likes flowers.

And Buzz likes Samantha. I had never seen a horse ‘hug’ someone until this session. He really was. It was so cute.

Love this one. Yellow flower. Warm light. Beautiful bokeh. Blue and white dress. Does it get much better?

Hmm… It just might, because I love it in black and white, too:

The eyes on this girl are remarkable.

I’ll say it again. Her eyes are remarkable. In color and in black and white:

I had to sneak one more of Buzz into this post:

So pretty.

Sam, I loved getting to know you and working with you! All the best as you begin your senior year. Thanks for being so wonderful to photograph!

My clients love comments, and I don’t exactly mind them, either.:)Feel free to leave one for Sam!

“Be true to your work, your word, and your friend.”

-Henry David Thoreau

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