Sneak Peek: Sydney, Senior.

This was a great session, full of easy smiles and a laid-back nature from Sydney. Even when I would make some ‘odd’ suggestion for a location, she completely trusted me. I did ask her if she thought I was crazy, and she said, “Yes.”;)But, that’s fine. She still trusted me!:)

Sydney, you were so easy to work with, and it was nice meeting you! I was just going to post a couple, but figured a few more would help to hold you over until I can get a full post up for you. There are so many more that I’m really looking forward to showing to you. Thanks for being so willing!


So, what is it with girls from Stafford High all having such beautiful eyes lately?

Who knew the Snip could be so pretty?

I love how the shadows help to tell the story in this next one:

I have something from this next spot that I’m so ready to share when I finish up the pictures for Sydney. Random spot that caught my eye, and just as we were leaving, I looked back at the area and said how much I loved it. And then I saw it. Something so random and surprising, and incongruous with the spot, that I just had to go back and shoot some more. Right, Sydney?:)Later, when I got home and saw the images we got from our random find, I was smiling without realizing it. And my daughter looks at me and says, “Mom, why are you smiling at the computer?” Yup. ‘Can’t help it. I love my ‘job.’

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