Joy: (n) a source or cause of keen pleasure or delight; something or someone greatly valued or appreciated

Sometimes a new beginning really starts with things that are already passed. Things like childhood memories, and old friends. Things like laughter, and joy and tears. Sometimes something secure starts with something weak and shaky, tenuous and fragile. Time builds experience, and strength can come from adversity.

Aly & Chris know of many of these things- of childhood and joy, and laughter– and then tears of grief over losing a brother. They’ve been through many things through the years they’ve been together. They have leaned on each other in good times, and held closely through times of sorrow. Throughout their wedding day, all of those milestones were remembered. It brought back so many memories for everyone. There’s a bond with Aly & Chris for many reasons; one of which is the time of learning and growth through loss. It’s hard to believe that almost 11 years ago Paul and I were starting on a similar beginning, tears mixed in with joy.

Aly & Chris, I am so glad Paul and I got to share your day. Thanks for giving us the opportunity. Our hope for you is more times of refreshing than times of sorrow, more times of joy than times of tears, and many days filled with thankfulness and blessing.

Enjoy the slideshow:

“Marriage–yes, it is the supreme felicity of life.”

-Mark Twain

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