Commence: (v) to begin; start, inaugurate.

This wedding day was filled with beautiful sunshine and happy smiles. Cecelia and Steve were so happy to be getting married, and I was so privileged to be there to document the story of their day.

Thanks to you both for being so easy to work with– Welcome home from your wonderful Hawaiian honeymoon!


My favorite getting ready shot– so intent on getting everything just right. I love the feminine sweep of this one.

Cecelia and Steve chose to do a ‘first look’ session, so that they could meet each other before the wedding service, and have a few minutes together alone. (Well, with my camera clicking.) The first look is a great opportunity to get portraits done, so that the couple can enjoy the reception without having to leave for portraits. Plus, it helps with the nervous jitters. (Or so I’ve been told by a certain bride.:)

Watching for his bride:

My clients (and I) love comments– be sure to let us know your favorites!

“All seasons are beautiful for the person who carries happiness within.”

-Horace Friess

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