Cherish: (v) to hold or treat as dear; feel love for.

A few more from the wonderful couple I had the privilege of photographing– Alice and Lou have been married 58 years, and their lovely daughter-in-law contacted me for a session to surprise Alice and Lou’s children with these pictures as Christmas gifts. (I can’t wait to hear how the family reacts, Pam!)

The car in the photos is the same make, model and year as the vehicle they took on their honeymoon to Niagara Falls. LOVE it! Thanks again to all of you for trusting me to capture these wonderful moments. And enjoy a wonderful Christmas with your families!

I just think of the word ‘quiet’ when I look at this next image. I love the look on their faces:

And just a few more of the grandkids’ Christmas session– I saw this awesome bike at the end of their driveway, and when it was time to grab a few more photos in a new location, Pam said she trusted me to do ‘what I wanted.’ I asked her, “Do you mean it?” (She said yes.) I was all, “Ummmmm, you know that vintage bike way down at the bottom of your driveway…?”:)What a good sport! Thanks, Pam. I’m glad you made the effort!~

This next one? Love it.

“Love at first sight is easy to understand; it’s when two people have been looking at each other for a lifetime that it becomes a miracle.”
-Amy Bloom

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