Home: (n) any place of residence or refuge.

A number of weeks ago, I received an email from Caroline, introducing herself as a sister to one of my high school classmates. She mentioned that she and her siblings were all coming home for a Connecticut Christmas. (Doesn’t that sentence sound so lovely?;)Caroline was hoping I would be able to fit in a photo session as a surprise to her parents. Well, I was happy to oblige, and we settled on the morning after Christmas. The children now live in Illinois, Maryland, or Wisconsin, so it was the perfect time to get some photos before everyone went back home.

I am so glad we were able to make it work, Caroline. It was such a privilege meeting your entire family, and documenting a little place in the timeline of your life. Here are just a few of my favorites:

The only grandchild, sweet little Tessa, with a very happy set of grandparents:

Before I really start snapping away, I usually ask the family to just relax, interact, and ignore me while I test the light and get my exposure all set. I will admit that I often use that time to grab quite a few frames of them in their element. This photo is from that point in the shoot– and I love it– that so much is going on all at once, and how each little interaction tells a tiny story:

And then, when everyone’s relaxed, they look beautiful and composed, like this:

The three ‘original children’:

I’m not usually an indoor photographer, but this next image makes me smile– because behind them on the wall are the photos from their wedding.

As much as I like the above photo, this one is definitely my favorite of your little family, Melissa and Chris. Look at your little sweetheart:

Emily, who I graduated with back in the day (almost 12 years ago! WHAT?!). She and Nicholas are expecting a little one this Spring. Emily, you look as beautiful as ever… so happy for you! (And don’t forget to let me know when your little one arrives:)

Caroline and Jason, thanks for your kind words and for organizing the session. ‘So nice to meet you in person!

The girls, loving on the little miss:

And just one more, because I love how the baby has her hand on her grandmother’s shoulder, like she knows she should pose for the photo:

Thanks for a great morning, Harvey family. I hope you experience a wonderful New Year filled with happy memories and many blessings!

“There’s nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.”

-Margaret Elizabeth Sangster

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