Just Because.

Because he’s happy and quiet, sensitive and smiley, and makes my heart squeeze with happy feelings.

Because he loves his siblings with fierceness, and protects his twin sister like only a best friend can.

Because there’s a happy light in his eyes when we give him a hug or rub his soft blond hair– he smiles like his world has just flooded with sunshine.

Because he’s a little shy, and moves his green eyes in a downward direction when he’s slightly nervous around people– which just endears him to me more, seeing those long lashes brushing against his cheek.

Because he’s so much like his Dad one minute (yay!) and way too much like his mother the next. (ugh.)

Because he makes me want to do better.  To be better.

Because he’s my boy.

And I love him to bits.

35mm f1.4- ISO 100- 1/100 sec.

May 24, 2010 - 5:09 am

Mary Marantz - LOVE this post!!

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