This was no easy task, choosing which photos to blog. ‘Too many favorites to narrow down– I’m afraid I’ll tire my readers out with all the images I wanted to put up, so I’ll just jump in:

There’s something about doing a photo shoot at a client’s home.  It’s comfortable, at-ease and just plain natural.

So, this family doesn’t take a bad photo.  Seriously.

35mm  f2.5  1/250 sec.   ISO 250

There’s something about a grandchild-

Isn’t home where we can just be ourselves?-

35mm  f2.8  1/1000 sec.   ISO 400

So, this is Ryan and Joy.  EHS Class Couple of 1998.  Not kidding.  I was there. :)  And Joy definitely deserved Best Smile :)  What’s neat about these two?  They just belong together.  Like sand and sunset, ice cream and cone. Just better together. They’ve been a couple for a long time, but know what?  They look the same as they did when we graduated from EHS a “few” years ago.  How did you do that, Joy and Ryan?

Now there’s this little sweetheart named Owen who adds even more awesome smiles to the bunch:

And he has his Grandma’s eyes:

35mm  f1.4  1/1600 sec.   ISO 250

This shoot was a gift for Ginny.  But these next photos?  I’d say they’re a gift for her children– Wouldn’t you love to have photos like this of your parents?  I would.  (Yes, that’s a hint Mom & Dad ;))

Most of my readers know by now that I’m a mom.  And I love my kids with everything I’ve got.  I want them to always know each other, to empathize, to remember.  I want them to grow up and stay connected, and have fun together.  To be siblings.  So, someday, if my children are like this in each other’s company after they are grown, my heart will rejoice.  I think if I have pictures like this of my children interacting, I will feel like it was all worth it.  And maybe I did an okay job, after all. Because aren’t they so fun?!

They can be composed and natural, too- (love this shot that Kara got!)

Here’s Mike & Kelly.  Cute.  Smiley.  And sweet.  I remember her a little bit from high school– just that she was Joy’s sister, and like Joy, she was nice.  Still is.  Plus, she’s a proud aunt.  I don’t know much about Mike– except that he made a smart choice in his fiancee – and he has an affinity for an old hat :).

Here are Tim & Brooke.  Natural.  At ease.  Vivacious.  Comfortable. And creative.  Funny, too, as you can see–

35mm  f1.4  1/200 sec.  ISO 200

I’ll end with the two who started this family- who took care of them through the years, watching them grow, helping them through the little bumps in life. Who are now enjoying the fruits of their labor together.

Bill & Ginny, thanks for trusting Kara & I to document this time in your lives.  It was both an honor and a privilege to do this with your family.

May 27, 2010 - 4:17 am

Joy - OH.MY. These are just beautiful!!! Love them all!!!

May 27, 2010 - 4:53 am

Jennifer Paquette - Beautiful pictures Joy! You’re going to have a tough decision deciding which ones to enlarge, frame and hang around your house! They’re all fabulous!

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