Family of 5.

Isn’t it nice to look back over a period of months and see something clearly? To realize that the smallest of occurrences can turn into something more important? This family session is such a reminder of that for me. To know that one email inquiry sent from a ‘past client’ would eventually turn into a helpful, excellent working relationship and friendship.  The timing of hiring Kayla this past spring was perfect. I just didn’t realize how perfect it was until this summer. When I needed more help than I even knew, Kayla was so much more than an assistant through it all. I do not like calling her an assistant. Because an assistant works for you. She does work– hard. But working with her doesn’t really feel like work. And someone that’s’ just an assistant’ doesn’t send you cards and remind you she’s praying and bring popsicles the week after surgery and make her grandmother’s famous lasagna and bring you and your husband chocolates on your anniversary and send you a fruit arrangement and email you encouraging words through a rough recovery. That’s not an assistant. That’s a friend.

This is Kayla’s family, whom I’ve had the privilege of photographing 3 times now. I’ve enjoyed each session over the last couple (?) of years. It’s just that during this session, I really knew who I was photographing. Not just because we figured out that Paul and Kayla’s mom are 2nd cousins, but mostly because this is Kayla’s family. And a year ago, I wouldn’t have introduced or known them that way. It was easy. Comfortable. I mean, I even brought Joel with me to help out, because I knew they wouldn’t mind having an 11-year-old assistant. It was nice.

Oh– and the light wasn’t too shabby, either. In other words, I was maybe jumping up and down a little bit inside while I photographed them.

Meet the Lachuts-

Greg and Melissa are going to be celebrating 22 years of marriage this week. I hope these 2 photos bring back memories of the past two decades and make them smile.

It’s common knowledge that I don’t have brothers. So I don’t know what that sibling relationship is like. I’m sure there’s nothing like it. I do know this for sure:  there’s nothing like a sister. And I have a feeling that there’s nothing like having only sisters. Because I do know a little bit about that. My 4 sisters make up some of my greatest memories and current joys in life. I have been loved and supported by them in ways I could never express. Kayla, Julia, and Hannah, you remind me of my sisters and I about 10 years ago. You are on the cusp of some big changes in your life- happy things await you, plans, and dreams and wonderful memories to be made. I’m glad you have each other. There’s nothing like having a sister at your side through it all.

Oh, the light…

Kayla- the oldest:

Julia- the middle (oh, I can relate…)

Hannah- the youngest:

There’s just something about a family; where you can feel protected, and share memories, and make mistakes, and know you’re understood. Where you know you’ll always be wanted– and supported, even through the stress and fears and difficult days. Where you know you’ll feel safe, and cared for, and loved. Always.

Greg, Melissa, Kayla, Julia and Hannah, thank you. It was a privilege to be with you, to photograph this moment in your lives.Enjoy your Thanksgiving together! (And Kayla, you’d better be resting and keeping those textbooks closed… :))

November 20, 2010 - 1:57 pm

Kayla - WOW- AHH-mazing. Like always :) Thank you so much for these, these will be treasured forever! And I promise, at least for today, I’ll keep those textbooks closed ;)

November 21, 2010 - 8:51 am

Melissa - Wow is right….again Betsy you are amazing! The pictures are so wonderful, how do we choose? Looking at our beautiful girls that are now beautiful women…how all our lives will change soon. Exciting and sad for Greg and I. We have been so blessed, thank you caring for our Kayla so much. She is our “Special K”. Thank you again for a great photo shoot, so much fun.

November 22, 2010 - 10:42 am

Brad - Fantastic shoot, Betsy! What amazing light. I don’t know this family but you seem to have captured a genuine loving bond between them all. If I were your client, I’d be ecstatic.

Excellent work!


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