Muddy Brook Potters.

I am not a Black Friday participant. I rue the days when I have to get up really early, so shopping in some overcrowded mall is not a valid reason for me to exit my blissful slumber. I cannot understand the desire to wait in line for a-still-overpriced-overrated-electronic.


But. This Friday is the annual Muddy Brook Potters Studio Sale. You know, as in Black Friday. It starts at 9 am. Thus, not too early for me. I plan to be there before opening, I assure you. Because one year, I wasn’t. And the piece I had my eye on? Gone by the time I arrived. I still talk about that lidded jar. I even know who has it…  :)  So, I guess I may be a Black Friday participant, after all. But if being the potter’s daughter doesn’t give me an excuse to be there before 9 am, I’m not sure what does. ‘Cuz I’ll admit, I’m a little worried that my set of 4 yunomis will be snatched up before I can get there.

Do come join us. (At 9 am, please. Not before…:)) The sale closes on Friday at 4 pm, and opens again on Saturday morning at 9 am, ending at 3 pm.

For directions to the studio, you can email cheryl [at] noggintops [dot] com.

For those of my (unfortunate) readers who do not reside in beautiful New England, you can purchase Muddy Brook Pottery pieces on etsy, here:  Between now and Saturday, in the ‘message to seller’ box, mention ‘muddyshipping’ and the studio will refund your entire shipping charge. Lots of beautiful gift opportunities for the Christmas season.

‘Hope to see you there!

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