Lots of little rambling thoughts; sorry to subject you to them. (Sorta’.)

So, here we go:

-First, you can head on over to Ashley Ann’s blog for a huge giveaway, and a code for 20% off anything in my Etsy shop- for today only. Ends at midnight EST.

-Second, Joel is sick. Wow. Shocking. And Nora went back to school today. Just in time for another child to stay home. I feel so bad for these little goobers of mine. Fourth week in a row that one of them has been home from school. And here I thought I’d get no clinical nursing experience this winter. I’d like to throw open all my windows, and coat the entire house with Lysol. Seriously. Instead, I’ll crack open the windows and ruff up his hair. I love his hair. It’s thick and rough and soft. That makes no sense, really. Rough and soft. But it is. So I’ll go with it. ‘Love this kid.

-Third, I’m going to New York City tomorrow to shoot an engagement session. Which makes me kinda’ happy. Alright, really happy. The child inside of me is kinda hopping up and down on one foot. See, I was supposed to go today. But then my boy got a high fever and started vomi….. anyway, he got really sick. So my child care plan kinda’ had to change. And I can’t stand having to leave my kids when they’re sick. So we rescheduled for tomorrow. But that gives me one more day to anticipate NYC. Which is kinda’ nice, you know, anticipating. Especially because Paul’s off work tomorrow and can care for JT if he’s still sick. So that’s good. And, since I have the city on my mind, here’s some pictures from Etsy that I’m particularly fond of. Links for each shop are below the photo:





-Fourth, it’s St. Patty’s Day. I’m not wearing green. Connor was mystified as to why not. Oops. Let’s just say he wore enough green for the whole family. I had to help him tone it down. Not kidding. He makes me laugh. Every Tuesday, a local radio station plays Irish music in the morning, until 9 am. And every Tuesday, Connor comes bounding down the stairs, all, “IT’S IRISH MUSIC MORNING!!!!” Yes, that loudly. Before 7 am.  My boy is loud. And he loves the morning. (Oh, and is it pathetic that I checked google for their special Irish illustration today? Mm, prolly. Know what? They ain’t got nothin’. Last year it was so spiffy. Oh, well.)

-Fifth, I shall go out in the sunshine and prune some roses today. Which is wicked exciting for this girl who is ready for winter to cease and desist. Plus I get to wear my rubber boots. And how can you not feel like a kid when wearing rubber boots?

(See those allium sprouting up? It’s like a little burst of hope, right there.)

-Sixth, it’s a beautiful day in CT. Sunny. Going to get above 60, I hear. That is nice. It’s the kind of beautiful day that makes you count your blessings and feel full of life. And makes you feel so grateful and aware of those who are without so much that we can easily take for granted. Remembering them.

-Seventh, is it okay that I ramble? Whew. I feel like my brain has room for the real stuff, now that I got all of the flotsam and jetsam out. Thanks for that.

Happy Thursday!

March 17, 2011 - 1:56 pm

Cheryl - Girl? Where did you come from? The thing is there are 4 more just like that!

March 17, 2011 - 2:06 pm

Betsy - @ Cheryl: Mother, You know where I get it from far better than I…

March 17, 2011 - 3:19 pm

Ashley - What radio station plays the Irish music?

March 17, 2011 - 5:19 pm

Betsy - @ Ashley: 91.3 FM. Enjoy!

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