Sometimes things happen in life. And you never want to forget them. Sometimes it’s the big things, the moments you’ve been hoping for, praying for, plans years-in-the-making. Big things that mark time, events that deserve a spot in the continuum of our lives, to wait and recognize and pause.

But sometimes there are just the little things. And though small and unrecognized, you never want to forget them. Sometimes it’s those little things, the moments you’ve hoped for since you were a child, when your only job was dreaming the dreams the young create. There was maybe a little spring of hope and promise within, a little piece of wonderment. This feeling of the future being unplanned and beautifully reckless, full of questions, unrestrained in its possibility. And in that moment, you knew it was going to be good.

And one evening years later, you remember that feeling, that wonderful pit in your stomach, a reminder of that awe, the hope you held as a child. A sense of recognition tied so closely to the present that it scared you a little bit in its intensity, this little and wondrous thing.




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