I had so much fun participating in Kara’s knitting challenge from last week. I skyped her after reading it, guessing it was baby booties. And then I texted her asking if she would give me the seaming instructions.:)It’s nice to have connections, I tell ya’.

They were adorable, quick, and really fun to make. They are tiny little things- (Photos are taken in Nora’s mini little hands) – so for a newborn, I think I will be increasing the pattern a bit to fit a ‘real’ baby. Kara needed a whole BUNCH of them to be made as key chain favors for her dear friend’s baby shower, so I pitched in a little bit and made a few more. My Mom was a huge help and made most of them for the shower. I have a little niece or nephew arriving any minute, (eep!) so I will be knitting up four more- in gender-appropriate colors, just in case.

They are super simple, and would be a great pattern for a new knitter to start with! Nora is already planning on figuring out how to make a set with me. You can view the seaming instructions on Kara’s reveal post today, and her original knitting instructions here.

June 11, 2012 - 10:23 am

Ashley - Hi Betz!

Thanks so much for all your help making these cute booties for our shower. They were adorable, and I appreciate all your hard work creating so many of these! Homemade pieces are always the best, good luck with your newborn sized ones!

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