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Micah Paul. Newborn Photos.

A couple of weeks ago, Paul and I experienced a wonderful (and too short) trip to Illinois. We got to stay at my sisterView full post »

Love in a Double Dose.

Oh, these two little girls. Ava and Aubrey, as cute as can be. I get to work with their Grammy, an excellent nurse andView full post »

Logan. First Birthday Pictures.

Sweet little Logan turned one yesterday. And I took way too many pictures at his birthday session. Can you blame me? HeView full post »

Just Lately.

The late spring evenings are bursting with hazy light and warm breezes, hinting at harbingers of summer. The birds singView full post »

Family in Springtime.

This family is always a pleasure to photograph. Every time they email for a session, I can’t help but smile andView full post »

A Start.

Looking through these photos from our Memorial Day, I realized we are creatures of habit, season by season performingView full post »


This whole family is full of laughter, spunk and the best of personalities– It trickles right on through theView full post »

These Two.

The light was candy, so I asked Connor and Nora to run out with me and get some 10 year old pictures. They scrambled forView full post »


This was a day of celebration. Of knowing deep within that it was important and something to be saved in memory to tellView full post »

Newborn Photos. Harrison.

A quiet Saturday morning at home, brand new baby boy right where he belongs. Aly & Chris, we’re so happy forView full post »

The Story.

The things they remember, the little moments they can recall. Memories and stories and the surprise of it all mergingView full post »

What I Didn’t Know

I found a stash of these photos the other day. I had completely forgotten about them, and now I keep thinking longView full post »

For Now.

Just one. My little sister Kara and brother-in-law Matt. I love them, and am just sliiiightly excited for a little nieceView full post »

Miss Marin & family.

Sometimes there are dreams that come true, dreams which surprise with their intensity, bringing unexpected joy. AnView full post »

Family of 3.

I love photographing this little family. Every time, it’s a privilege, and every time I fall a bit more inView full post »