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In retrospect.

It has been a full year- a year of growth, and lessons, and life-changing moments. A good year. Because of you. Yes, youView full post »

A Little Family plus a lot of Thanks.

‘Just a quick look for this little family who we love, family who have us for dinner and make a scrumptiousView full post »


Today, I have a bunch of rambles. Random thoughts that bounce around in my head when I am low on slumber. Not a prettyView full post »


I’ve always loved them, always known they loved me. But this year, with a deeper gratitude, with more feeling andView full post »

Family of 5.

Isn’t it nice to look back over a period of months and see something clearly? To realize that the smallest ofView full post »

Leah at One Year.

I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to meet little Miss Leah some weeks ago. I had the privilege of photographing thisView full post »

Just a few more…

To follow are the rest of the images from the family session I posted yesterday. Those that could be there of theView full post »


This session was just a bunch of fun. They are a great family, easy to work with and so kind, making our sessionView full post »

Sneak Peek of Family.

Working on the full post from this fun family shoot…  (many) more to come soon!View full post »

This makes me happy.

(*Hats from here.) “All those golden autumn days the sky was full of wings. Wings beating low over the blue waterView full post »


I have an aversion to cliches; truisms make me want to secretly roll my mind’s eye. But for all my avoidance ofView full post »

These three.

Sometimes I don’t know how to start a post. This happens most often when it’s something I really care aboutView full post »

My Boys.

These three boys? Yup. I can claim them. And I will– gladly. Because if your nephews were this cute, wouldn’View full post »

A smile for Monday.

I opened my picture folder, looking for a specific photo of our three kids that I had been wanting to process. Instead,View full post »

Of sugar & spice & sand & icing.

A day at the beach. Three little blond heads, and some sweet home-baked cookie-lollipops. What a way to spend the day.View full post »