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Gentle Ben.

This was such a fun (read: busy!) session; I always enjoy capturing kids in their element. Michelle had a great idea toView full post »

Joie de Vivre.

That’s all I could think of when I photographed this little guy. Many more to come, Michelle!View full post »

Cherish: (v) to hold or treat as dear; feel love for.

A few more from the wonderful couple I had the privilege of photographing– Alice and Lou have been married 58View full post »

Quick Reminder

Just a note to let you all know that Erica May’s “ Cans for Comments” drive ends tonight at 11:59 pmView full post »


You know the adorable couple I had in my last post? Here are their adorable grandchildren: Methinks they got the good-View full post »

A little look into a lot of love.

Sometimes when I photograph, it’s as if I am finally figuring something out that’s been percolating in myView full post »

Sweet: (adj) pleasing or agreeable; delightful.

I’ve been busy with Christmas sessions, but have to hold off on blogging some of the photos as not to spoil theView full post »

Home: (n) any place of residence or refuge.

Home. Because there’s really no place like it on Earth. Because it’s where our family is, and where we feelView full post »


So a few days ago, I announced the Muddy Brook Potters Studio Sale that was starting today. Being of the curious sort, IView full post »

Can I ask a little favor?

I have a question for all my blog readers. Can you help a friend out? Some of you who have read this blog from theView full post »

Thankfulness and the number 200.

Just a small sample of the many reasons I have to thank God every day. Without them, I wouldn’t even be me. And IView full post »

Reminisce: to recall past experiences, events.

This is a little look at a session that happened around late summer/early fall. It’s kind of a treat to go backView full post »


So I’m rather pleased to bring some new photos to my blog readers, which involve a very talented artist. (Hi, DadView full post »

Enigma. Personified.

This is our boy. He’s quiet and placid. Loving and forgiving. Sensitive and caring. Often happy and energetic. HeView full post »


We all have one. That place where we feel full, where long-past memories merge with current joys. Where we return toView full post »