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Hasten : (v.) to move or act with haste; proceed, hurry. To urge on.

It’s a study in contrasts– the yearning for the days to pass swiftly, for spring to arrive– and yetView full post »

New: coming or occurring afresh; further; additional, fresh.

Post-edit to add: Check out little Emily’s parent’s company online here. Paul and I MUST have their looseView full post »

Baby in a Basket. Sneak Peek.

I know of a certain new mama who may be anxiously awaiting this post. There are many more images to show, but withoutView full post »

Day 291.

‘Cameo’ apple on our kitchen table. Happy golden light streaming through the little windows on our frontView full post »

Have your Cake.

~ School vacation. Crock Pot cake. (5 happy words.) CROCK POT CAKE 1 package chocolate cake mix1 container of sour creamView full post »


Day at the library. This time with my 3 adorable nephews in tow. It was a happy little memory from our busy week. ”View full post »

Have a heart.

Here’s the little Valentine’s project I (and the kids) have been working on for their class parties, whichView full post »

That’s what friends are for.

They make you smile when you feel like crying. And when you do cry (while wiping your eyes with your hands, because youView full post »


I’ve heard it said that hobbies are an important part of a full life. That’s even more true when someone&#View full post »

Regroup: (v) to become reorganized in order to make a fresh start.

One of my favorite places to be is outside in my gardens, digging through the dirt, noticing little details. FeelingView full post »


~ ‘Just a little photo that makes me smile. Part of a little project I’m working on:View full post »

It’s your Birthday…

~ “We wish you many more, health and wealth and friends by the score!Cut the cake, and let’s eat some more;View full post »