Weekend Recap.

I like Saturdays, how they are open, full of unstructured possibility.

I like how the day stretches out in front of you, waiting for projects and minutiae to fill it.

I like projects.

I like minutiae. Repetition. Structure.

I like details.

I like working on projects with this guy.

He’s kinda’ fun to be around.

And he works really  hard, without quitting. Which I tend take issue with, his relentlessness; but it does work in my favor much of the time.

I like when he concentrates. He reminds me of Connor, brow furrowed in important work.

Speaking of Connor, my boy gets his large hands from Paul. Big, hard-working hands. I like that, too.

I like watching our kids play four-square in the late afternoon.

I like that it’s sweatshirt weather- which is the pre-cursor to my very favorite:¬† sandal weather.

I like how excited Joel gets over new sneakers. (Remember these, Mom? How cool they were when us girls were in middle school? They’re cool again. I acquiesced…)

I like how Connor plays with Nora. Even though she’s, well, less athletic than some. He’s patient and plays right along. (See how sweatshirt weather suddenly changed to winter coat weather, only for Connor? I couldn’t figure out why he was so cold. Well. Saturday night? Sick as can be. Again.)

I like bounding down to the garden with my girl, both of us restless to see if the asparagus is peeking through yet. (It’s not.)

But the rhubarb is.

Small details. Little victories.

I like Saturdays.

Did you have a nice weekend?


April 5, 2011 - 4:15 am

Ellen - This is such a beautiful post. Beautifully written, and beautiful photographs.
My favorite pictures, the first pic of pansies, the pic of your daughter in sweatshirt, and the last picture I absolutely adore the colors and vividness of that rhubarb. Such a great picture!

April 5, 2011 - 8:39 am

Jennifer - i truly enjoy your posts…they always make me smile.

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