Sometimes things happen in life that seem small at the time, and then turn into something greater. Something small like an email question from someone you’ve never met- turns into frequent correspondence, then grows into an acquaintance, which blossoms into a friendship that can only be meant to last lifelong. And a short visit one summer turns into a longer trip the next year, our families getting to know each other, our children laughing and making memories right alongside their parents.

Jeff, Jill, Andrew, Leah, and Tess, we’re so glad that one little photography question in an email turned into a faithful friendship. Here are just a couple photos from our quick session that jumped out at me when I went through them- photos that make me smile because they are a true representation of the Steiner family we know and love.

Thank you for making CT part of your travel plans in 2011. Ready for a three-peat for 2012?

Have a wonderfully relaxing time in your favorite place this week! (Can’t wait to see all your photos!)

July 28, 2011 - 7:22 pm

Jill - Love them, Betsy!! You captured us so well.

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