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I have friends in Minnesota. I give them a hard time about the fact that they can sometimes get snow 11 months out ofView full post »


Thanks to the decision-making benefits of, we have 8 winners: Numbers- 8 6 22 14 25 19 1 26 WhichView full post »

Product Giveaway.

***Giveaway is open until Wednesday, October 26th, until 9:30 p.m. EST.*** Winner will be announced at 10:00 pm EST onView full post »

If Life was a Highway.

If it really was, here is where I would stop. The very next exit would be noted, the right signal engaged, the brakesView full post »

Family Photos.

I appreciate the opportunities I have to meet someone new, to be able to take a moment in their lives and record it forView full post »

Happy Monday.

Wishing you a happy Monday… Nora’s having fun making little heart confetti lately. She’s got some forView full post »

Some flowers, a cowboy, and his girl.

(Familiar title, E & K?) More photos from Kristin and Ev’s engagement shoot. I loved photographing during theView full post »

Sneak Peek. Kristin & Everett.

Just a couple images as I finish up the rest of Ev & Kristin’s full engagement post. ‘Loving the imagesView full post »

CT Wedding. Nate & Ashley.

Lately, it’s been difficult trying to narrow down photos for blog posts. And that remains true here. So many ofView full post »

Wedding Sneak Peek. Ashley & Nate.

If you know Nate and Ashley, you love them. It’s that simple. You can’t even help it. Nothing was moreView full post »