The Story.

The things they remember, the little moments they can recall.
Memories and stories and the surprise of it all merging into the here and now.
They’re family, and always, always, through the years, they will be part of our story.
I love them wholeheartedly, these cousins, my aunt and uncle, their children and grandchildren.
Through the years we’ve laughed and cried and watched little kids turn into parents, cousins turn into young men and women, aunts and uncles. We’ve sat around the table together and prayed many a prayer, eaten many a meal, cherished many moments. School days and rites of passage and the mundane day-to-day turning into life moving on its way. Playing the piano. Singing. Taking long walks. Time changing, growing. Cousins, dear and cherished friends for always. Graduations. Engagements. Weddings. Life changing. Roles shifting, expanding. Rejoicing in hope. Learning. Laughing. Marking time. Travel and new hometowns, small and big ventures, each one part of a bigger picture. Old days and time passing, babies and grand kids, living and loving, hellos and goodbyes, new plans and  big hopes and coming home again.
I love them.
They will always be part of my story, some place held in each chapter, somewhere.
All tied together. Belonging.
Like coming home again.

January 29, 2013 - 2:20 pm

Pam - What a great picture. Love the colors.

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