Cabot. Newborn Photos.


Hadley, Todd & Cabot, I hope these photos somehow show a glimpse of what I got to see that day- That you’re parents, through-and-through, right to the very core. That your little boy is loved and protected and so cherished by you. I hope you can see the kind of parents you are, the kind that worry and nurture and protect, that love with a fierceness only a mother and father can know. Cabot is a boy who is so lucky, who holds a little spark of wisdom in those tiny eyes. I think he feels your love already.

You’re have started on the very best journey. Congratulations!

Note:  This boy has pretty much the most awesome nursery, ever. Being welcomed into someone’s home to photograph their day-today is  such a privilege. There’s something so real about the images taken inside someone’s home, where so many memories originate. To see the small things, the day-to-day, the little details that were worked on with such care and planning. This is just a tiny slice of time in the continuum of this little guy’s life. It’s a pretty special room, where he and his parents are spending a lot of time, where lots of care and planning went into preparing for this little boy. It’s obvious, and it’s heartwarming.


November 14, 2013 - 3:12 pm

ed and bev gerber - Carole and Josh, your photos are always absolutely wonderful. I agree with Betsy, you guys are calm, photogenic, and in love with your family. No wonder, your photos are great! The photographer is great too, of course.

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