Pinecone & Mulberry. Knitting.

Sigh. I love this pattern’s name, Pinecone & Mulberry. It sounds all nostalgic and warm, like a cozy wood fire in the stove on a starry night, bundled up in a cabin with those you love best, a piping cup of tea waiting to be enjoyed. I love when words can evoke those kinds of feelings.

Do you read Melody’s blog? Her photos and words conjure up all those aforementioned happy emotions. I was so glad when she had me test-knit this pretty hat, which is so on-brand with her style.

Of course, I knit this up in my most favorite of hand-dyed yarns, from my dear sisters at Nice and Knit. I used one of their new fall color ways (shhhh, I got a sneak preview). My sister Kara, knitter extraordinaire, can model a hat like nobody’s business, so I texted her and asked for her help. She obliged, on a 90 degree day, with beautiful evening light on a pretty New England dirt road. That’s just another reason why sisters are the best. Warm, fuzzy feelings all around.

Project page here.

Yummy yarn here.


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