Stephanie & Bruce. Wed.

Their day was something. The kind of day you keep thinking about after it’s over, little things you smile about and review in your mind with a sense of contentment. It wasn’t storybook perfect, you know. But it seemed like it. Because in a storybook, it would have been 75 and sunny, and there would have been sparklers and fireworks and a saturated sunset sky. It actually rained for much of the day, but that detail wasn’t the main theme at all. Oh, not at all. Their storybook wedding took on a different look. It was the little things that won’t be long forgotten- the preparation, the conversations. The smile on Steph’s face as she prepared, the kindness of heart she felt from those who surrounded her. How her Mom rejoiced with her, her friends helped her. Her half-moon crinkling eyes as she beamed. The words spoken, the service they had. The blessings they felt. The song they chose. The prayers that were prayed by father and grandfather. The quiet kindness shown. The look on Bruce’s face as he waited for her. The obvious joy she brings him, the blessing he knows he has in her as his wife. It was the people who came together from all over, their work friends, their long-held and dearly-loved community, the obvious love of their families, so many memories over so many years. It was better than any storybook wedding they could have planned for, and they felt it all day long.



November 28, 2014 - 1:53 am

Kris - Beautiful! You captured the joy and fun of the day so well!

December 19, 2014 - 3:54 pm

Bruce & Steph - Betsy – you captured the day perfectly; thanks to you for another job well done!! :)

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