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I had never met Janae or Jeremy before their portrait session, but by the end of their appointment I felt like we could have just stayed around and spent plenty of time getting to know each other better. Janae had heard about my trip to IL through a friend, and I was happy to oblige when she said she’d like some wedding-style portraits, along with some casual, everyday photos for her and Jeremy. I was rather impressed with Jeremy’s willingness to get up early on a Saturday to take some memorable photos. I think he may even have enjoyed himself a little!:)Right, Janae?

We met at Goodfield Park, skirted some fences for a few railroad shots, and went on to their home, as well as Eureka College. A nice little adventure for this New Englander.

Definitely one of my favorites from the formal session:

After the railroad and a change of outfits, it was off to Eureka College. This picture below makes me laugh all over again. I was getting them set up near one of the buildings, and after I took a couple shots, I was all, “Awww, you two look like a couple of cute college kids.” Jeremy goes, “Um, we are.” Yeah, I’m awkward like that.;)But that’s when I learned that Jeremy is finishing up his degree and Janae is in Nursing school, too. And she has a love of photography. So we had plenty to chat about! (Plus, I caught them mid-laugh, which is always a good thing…)

When I saw that the color of the fire escape matched Janae’s shirt, I had to grab a few there:

‘Love this spot:

Thanks so much, Jeremy and Janae! I really enjoyed the time we spent together. And remember, you’re always welcome to come visit us on the East Coast. I say this with bias, but it’s beautiful out this way!

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

-Helen Keller

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