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There’s something sobering about sunsets. They close a door. Silent the page. Finish a chapter. They heraldView full post »


Happy Birthday to this boy of ours. Kinda’ can’t believe he’s fourteen. He’s funny and smart andView full post »


It’s a beautiful, sunny, crisp New England day. The kind of day that hints at fall making its early debut. And itView full post »

Sweet 16.

I can hardly believe she’s 16. Katherine Rose, the tiny little round-cheeked baby who captured the whole family&#View full post »

Right At Home.

This was such a bright, summery morning in Illinois. It was so nice to stay at Dan and Melinda’s house, to seeView full post »

Summer Day.

Is it warm where you are? It’s wicked hot in Connecticut. Blistering. Somehow, though, the kids don’t seemView full post »

Sweetest, Cutest Brooklyn P.

‘Funny how it used to be that I sometimes longed for a short break away from three little kids. Now when I have aView full post »

Just Lately.

The late spring evenings are bursting with hazy light and warm breezes, hinting at harbingers of summer. The birds singView full post »

A Start.

Looking through these photos from our Memorial Day, I realized we are creatures of habit, season by season performingView full post »

These Two.

The light was candy, so I asked Connor and Nora to run out with me and get some 10 year old pictures. They scrambled forView full post »

A Decade.

They turned 10 over the weekend. And at the risk of this turning in to a sentimental, bittersweet post about how myView full post »

13 doesn’t like a photo.

He doesn’t show up on this blog as often as he used to. He’s thirteen, after all, and I feel like it’sView full post »

Still going strong.

I remember quite awhile ago feeling a little bit of panic on realizing that Connor & Nora wouldn’t continue toView full post »

The blanket.

It’s been all over New England, this knitted blanket. It was cast on in Vermont, furrowed brow trying to figureView full post »


I’d like to go back to this exact little spot on the globe. Where the light is idyllic, the sand warm andView full post »