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Of Love & Literature.

3 photos to hold you over for the weekend. Erin & Michael. Two English teachers who share a great love of literatureView full post »

Where. Who.

When I’m tired. Frustrated. Overwhelmed. Feeling a little restless and short-tempered with the kids. This is whereView full post »

Friday Favorite.

Before I start this ‘Friday Favorite’ post, I have to apologize to all my readers who don’t live in CTView full post »

Little Junebug.

What I have to say about Juniper is this: She is loved. Like really, really loved. And it was such a privilege to seeView full post »


I couldn’t resist. With a beautiful name like Juniper, I had to photograph her in a forest, nestled in a fallenView full post »


We didn’t have a lot of time; just over 30 hours. But it was valuable, and relaxing, and we crammed so many greatView full post »

2011 Senior. Renee.

Renee, it was so nice working with you this week– enjoy this little glimpse into some of your (many) photos. ThankView full post »

Newborn Twins.

Meet Ethan and Aiden. Brand new, & sweet as can be. Joy times two. I got to meet the parents of these two about 8View full post »

Oh, Boy(s)!

Yes, I do in fact have the best job. Ever: Full post soon.View full post »

Of sugar & spice & sand & icing.

A day at the beach. Three little blond heads, and some sweet home-baked cookie-lollipops. What a way to spend the day.View full post »


Oh, the sweet things I have to share…  Soon.View full post »

A Summer Rain.

It’s the story they ask for the most. “Mom, tell that one about the rain!” And I do. They laugh, and IView full post »

Coming up.

Some fun images to show soon… For now, I’ll keep (some of) you guessing:View full post »

Senior. Andrea.

Senior year is coming soon for Andrea. A year full of gaining freedoms, hard work, and special memories. A year ofView full post »

Mystic. With friends.

This post is long overdue, but I still wanted to take a minute and tell you a story of emails, and miles, and newView full post »