Sentiment: (n) emotional significance.

You know how there are certain people or events in your life that have significance? People or places that stay with you, things that you know you’ll be talking about someday years from now, telling your children the story of ” Years ago, when we used to …” ? Well, this post encompasses all of those things for me.

It started when I was younger– like 14 or so. I started working at Kloter Farms and (for the most part) pretty much stayed there until after I had Joel. What’s funny is that Paul’s been working there for over 8 years now– and we never worked there at the same time.

Growing up, so many memories were made in what was once Kloter Farms’ little store, and at the Christmas dinners down in Keith and Mary’s old basement, or at picnics in Waterford each June. And of course, late nights at the Eastern States Exposition. Over time, some of my sisters worked at Kloter Farms (or still do!) , as well as many of our good friends. We all have memories of our time together there– some memories that are wonderful and sweet, funny and quirky, and some sad as over time life changed and those who we had come to love experienced sickness or age, and went on.

I can remember the excitement and joy I felt when I got to bring Joel to his first picnic as a little baby. And this year he’s old enough to be out in the kayak alone. Where does the time go? I remember when the twins were just tiny babies and we brought them in their little matching outfits. Now they’re old enough to be scavenging for crabs with the ‘big kids.’ It’s like I can almost mark time in my life by what and who was at this event, and how old our children were at the ‘The Picnic.’

But it’s really not about the place. Or the food we eat. Or even the weather we have. It’s about the people- the ones who have been supportive of each other when times were tough, or times were good. The ones who wrote encouraging notes or did something special and selfless without credit or fanfare. Those who cared so deeply, giving so fully when health or circumstances were difficult for someone. To be asked to document some of the goings-on was a privilege. Because it’s more than people or employers, customers or co-workers. It’s about family.

So besides all the fun things to do in the water, on the swings, and in the yard, Tracey from Ballyhoo came to narrate amazing, interactive stories for the children. Check out their reactions below— they all LOVED it! (Not to mention the parents were just as entertained!) Check out Tracey’s website here – she did a wonderful job. Plus, you may recognize her from a recent wedding post…

This next one is of me and my little boyfriend. I had to sneak this in to prove to Paul that he really would make a great second shooter… Thanks, hon!

A certain young man may have tipped a kayak around the time of this next picture…;)And his Dad’s making sure he’s got it all under control. (He did.)

Okay, I know I’m this little boy’s mom, but, um, gross:

This little girl has so much personality– she was such fun to photograph! Plus, her name is Maeve, which is what we would have named Nora’s twin if it was a girl. LOVE it. –( But I am so glad her twin is a boy…) I don’t put surnames on this blog, but when I heard Maeve’s last name combined with her first, well, I’ll admit that I did feel a tiny twinge of Irish envy!:)

A couple shots of the beautiful Victorian home:

A quick shot of the whole Kloter crew– with recognition and thanks to the gentleman in the glasses, Mr. Keith Kloter, who started this whole thing in the first place.

“Time is a companion that goes with us on a journey. It reminds us to cherish each moment, because it will never come again. What we leave behind is not as important as how we have lived.”

-Patrick Stewart

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