Tucker Michael

There’s something about babies that bring joy and softness, clarity and fulfillment to life. A new, precious little life, fresh and unmarred by the external goings-on of a noise-filled world. Sometimes babies can bring us more than that, even. They remind us of those we love, and we seek to see others in their eyes.

Just six months ago this past weekend, Tucker’s mom lost her only brother, Michael, very suddenly. The hurt and sadness don’t seem to go away, and the pain is something that we seek to alleviate. We wish we weren’t so helpless in the midst of such grief. And then Tucker Michael comes in, maybe not to take away the pain, but to give hope. Because it’s hard to hold this baby and not think of life. It’s hard to feel his soft, downy hair and not think of newness. It’s hard to look in his little eyes and not see a future. It’s hard to feel his hand and not feel comfort. It’s hard to look at his perfect little lips and not think of shared laughter from years past. It’s hard to say his name and not feel remembrance.

There’s just something about a baby.

And I am now admitting how completely biased I am when it comes to the child of my very dear friend. (See the rest of her children here.)

This one makes my heart smile. Because, what is so sweet as little baby toes peeking from a blanket?

“Hope’ is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul -
And sings the tune without words
And never stops – at all.”

-Emily Dickinson, American poet

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