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We had a great morning getting baby pictures of little Sophia Grace. She was easy to photograph, and such a tiny little sweetheart. Just a gorgeous little beauty of a girl, who happens to live in a beautiful home. Her parents remodeled a Victorian home on a cute little street– I loved it! I tried to get the feel of their home through some vintage tones in the photos, and I’m glad that a couple of them look like something out of the colonial era. So now it’s rekindled my longtime dream of owning a really old home… much to my husband’s dismay!

I loved working with Ashley and her friend, who stopped by to help out. We all came up with different spots and ideas for backdrops. It’s enjoyable to collaborate with other minds to come up with unique takes on a common theme.

We started out with what is becoming a customer request– the vintage scale shot. Since Sophia is already 1 month old, I didn’t know if she would fit, but that was not a problem. She’s such a feminine, petite little thing, and didn’t mind posing in the least!

She really does look like a doll in this one– perfect as she can be.

Careful… this one can put a lump in a mother’s throat:

We went up to Sophia’s room, and I saw this sign on the wall above her crib. I love the saying– so I asked if we could arrange the furniture and use that wall. Ashley was all for it. And I’m so glad. Sometimes it seems that a mother doesn’t get photos of interaction with her children, so it’s nice that we could grab a few with Sophia and Mommy. Ashley is so nurturing and caring toward Sophia. It was a privilege for me to watch a new mom with her firstborn.

I love this one:

I saw the window, the raised paneling, the big chair, and just had to show how tiny little Sophia was. The bonnet she had on looked so feminine and vintage, along with the pattern on the chair, so I had to put it in an antique tone. Aren’t her little crossed ankles the cutest?

This pillow quotes a line from a great children’s book– which is Ashley’s favorite. So we had to work it into the session:

Sweet little piggies:

And out to the green, green grass:

Ashley, thank you so much for welcoming me into your home and letting me meet your little girl. I loved working with you!

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“For every beauty there is an eye somewhere to see it. For every truth there is an ear somewhere to hear it. For every love there is a heart somewhere to receive it.”

-Ivan Panin

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