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Some favorites from Julie & Jesse’s simple, happy wedding are to follow. It was a perfect day for portraits, and thoroughly enjoyable to work with you both, J & J! Special thanks also goes to my second shooter, Heidi, who did a fabulous job grabbing some great moments and stellar details!

All the best to you, Julie & Jesse, as you begin you married life. Thanks for trusting me with your memories.


Heidi and I started out where Julie was getting ready, and pretty much jumped right into things taking her dress outside to get some dramatic detail shots. To set the scene: the grass is wet, kinda’ cold, and I was wanting to get some bokeh in from the red/purple leaves in the tree above the dress. Yup. We started the day off partially soaked. But, I like the results!

Getting ready:

We get inside, and find that we need to go back out on the deck, because that’s where Julie’s getting ready. Hello, thank you very much for getting makeup done outside– such pretty natural light!

Speaking of pretty-

Then we headed downstairs to her maid-of-honor’s in-house salon for hair:

Love this shot that Heidi grabbed:

We left Julie to meet up with Jesse, waiting for the first look of his soon-to-be bride:

Look at the grin on her face as she makes her way down the stairs to see her groom:

I love the first look session:

This might be my favorite of the day. I love the hand, the feminine curve of her neck, and the bokeh from her necklace in the background. No faces shown, but there’s so much information without them. It tells such a story.

Heidi got this shot of the bridesmaid shoes. LOVE it.

This is when it’s helpful to have a second shooter– so that when I want to do a ring shot in the garden, someone has her hand underneath the rings. Ya’ know, just in case.

I smile like a ninny when I look at this.

One thing that stood out to me throughout the day was how much of a gentleman Jesse is towards Julie. I had never met Jesse until the morning of the wedding. First impression? He takes care of his bride.

It was great to have plenty of time for relaxed portraits. Snipsic Lake is such a versatile spot. (Thanks, Florine!)

Laughter. Directed at me, but– hey, I’ll take it anyway.:)

The car, from Classic Motor Cars of Ellington, provided a great prop for formal photos:

I love this detail that Heidi got– the programs sticking out of Jesse’s grandpa’s herringbone suit. So spiffy!

Cool cake shot from Heidi Lynn:

This ring shot was tough to get, but it paid off:

I love the timeless feel of this last one:

Julie and Jesse, it was great working with you!

To family of the bride and groom: send me an email if you’d like to be notified when the online gallery is finished. I’ll send you the link when it’s complete!

“A blessed thing it is for any man or woman to have a friend, one human soul whom we can trust utterly, who knows the best and worst of us, and who loves us in spite of all our faults.”

-Charles Kingsley, English professor, historian, and novelist

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