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This session was so laid back and natural– which is somewhat surprising, seeing we had 7 children to photograph! I’ll admit to being nervous, just hoping we could get everyone’s eyes open and happy looks on everyone’s faces at the same time. I’m happy with the result– with the credit going to the children.

I have to just say this publicly, because both the parents and kids deserve it: These children were so respectful and an absolute joy to be with. I’m really wondering what Burt and Cherinne’s secret to child rearing is, because I’d love a little piece of it! All the kids got along, helped each other out, and just enjoyed being together as a family. Completely refreshing.

My 4 sisters and I used to have Cherinne as our babysitter back in the day– and we loved her to pieces! I told her that us Ryan girls must not have disheartened her too much, as she went on to have a crew of her own…

Thank you, Burt, Cherinne, Courtney, Daniel, Christian, Sam, James, Joseph & Katie. Whew! (And I didn’t even look in the church phone book to make sure I got those straight. I’m really hoping they’re in the right order…:)I totally enjoyed every minute. Enjoy your preview!

I love shots like this, when they are just getting set up and I’m testing the light– just natural interaction between the family.

“I can’t think of anything to write about except families. They are a metaphor for every other part of society.”

-Anna Quindlen,- writer, columnist, speaker

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