Neighbor: (n) a person who lives near another.

I love Robert Frost and all, but you know the whole ‘Good fences make good neighbors’ thing? Well, he was wrong. Because we don’t have a fence in our front yard, and neither do Emil and Ann– and we couldn’t ask for better neighbors. Especially when they ask me to photograph their adorable family!

My kids love calling across the yard to Emil, Jr. and Ava when they’re out playing, and it’s so cute to listen to them chatting back and forth. (And, I have to admit I love visiting with Ann, because she’s really nice, but also because her and Emil hail from Boston. Best accents ever.) Baby Addison is just a little thing, so we don’t catch her outside often, but it was great fun to see her adorable personality during their session last week.

We had beautiful weather for their pictures– finally! We were wondering if the photos would ever get done, because we had to reschedule twice on account of the rain. Well, I’d say it was worth the wait for stellar day we got.

Emil and Ann and family, thank you so much for a lovely morning! I thoroughly enjoyed working with all 3 of you. I’ll be sending along your online gallery soon.

And now, a little glimpse:

I had to grab a few of the parents alone, especially since they hadn’t had formal photos of the two of them since their wedding day…

I love this next one of Emil Jr. He was so good, and wanted to have the perfect smile. Which sometimes results in an imperfect smile.:)So, I had him tell me some knock-knock jokes. It was so cute! He was excited to share in the laughter, and he relaxed for some sweet little shots. I have to admit to having an ulterior motive, however. You know how I said I love Emil and Ann’s accents? Well, hearing a little boy talk with a Boston accent? Even bettah. Wicked cute. Like music to my eahs.

Ava is such a sweetheart. She was thrilled with the flowers I brought along:

And check out her blue, blue eyes!

Addison was so funny! Emil and Ann were standing behind me for this shot, and Addison looked up at Emil (like only little daughters can do to their Dads), and she started jumping and dancing, knowing full well that her Daddy would think it was adorable. It was such a happy little jiggle. I had to show a few frames:

“We do not remember days; we remember moments.”

~Cesare Pavese

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