Day 183.

I love these kids.

Little bodies, fervent in their purpose of striding through a field of frost-tinged grass. Little boy in red, miniature hands in pockets, imitating some other person in his life– a small sway starting in his feet, signifying a little mischief. (Really.) Little girl in brown corduroy, moving with constant purpose and intent. Always with a plan in mind. In that moment, I notice her hair’s growing longer. (I like it.) He in blue, moving with spring in his step, and this certain comical little swagger in his walk. Like he’s growing up or something. (He is.) He in his big brown jacket, a step behind, his body in downswing, just ready to raise his foot to run and catch up with the others. Always wanting to be sure he doesn’t miss anything. (He doesn’t.)

I love these little kids. I love their little lives. Lives moving too quickly. Don’t run. Wait. Savor. Rest. Slow down, little ones.

Because I don’t want to miss anything. Slow down.

“I would savor the moments a lot more this time. I would probably work less and enjoy it more.”

-Walter Cunningham, Lunar Module pilot, Apollo 7 mission (b. 1932)

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