Pets and Hobbies.

I told you the light was beautiful, Rebecca!:)

Rebecca’s friend Laura came to help her out with the pet-sitting part of the shoot, so we got some images of her with her dog, Darling– who is a very nice dog. But I will admit it was funny for me to talk about or to her and say, “Darling.” I decided I should nickname my children Darling so that when they are misbehaving and I’m getting after them, no matter how frustrated I am, saying ‘darling’ along with it won’t sound so mean. Right?:)

Hello, Smudge.

Fun little shot here:

Rebecca, I love this one of you in black and white. So calm-looking and enjoying the beautiful evening. With just a tiny grin on your face.

Know what’s nice about this little job of mine? I get to hear beautiful, lyrical songs being played on a violin out in golden light. Laura even pulled out all the stops and played a lilting Irish melody for me. Somehow, she thought I just might enjoy that. Imagine that.:)It was just beautiful. And right then, I thought, “I love my job.”

See how gorgeous it was? I did nothing post-editing to this sky– just let it wash cobalt blue in all its glory.

A little bokeh always makes me smile:

Light. Yes. Gorgeous. And a relaxed, smiling Laura just adds to the equation.

Love it.

Thanks, Rebecca (and Laura) for a nice little evening spent in beautiful warm sunshine! I enjoyed working with you both!

“Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.”

-George Eliot

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