Can I ask a little favor?

I have a question for all my blog readers. Can you help a friend out?

Some of you who have read this blog from the beginning know of Erica May, photographer extraordinaire, who has helped me in countless ways as I wade my way through the sea of photography. She just started a ‘Cans for Comments’ drive to help those who have so much less than we do. For every comment left on her blog, she will donate one can of food to ‘Harvesters’, Kansas City’s only foodbank. So can you help me out to help her out by leaving a comment on her blog? I know it would make her smile. She’s done a lot to help me get here, so it’d be great to give back to her in this small way. So even if you’ve never commented here, do me a favor and comment there. And tell her I said hello, okay? (Last year she had 86 comments. Let’s blow that out of the water.) Just put in your name (or initials if you prefer) in the correct box, and your email address. Your email will not be shared. Then type in your comment, and hit ‘post.’ And you’re done. THANK YOU!

And because a post on a photography blog always needs a picture, here’s a little look at what’s coming soon:

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