OpLove Session. Brother.

A few weeks ago, I received an email from Nicki, asking me if I was available over Christmas break to do a session for her and her brother, Justin. See, Nicki is getting married next June, and her brother can’t be home for her wedding, because Justin is being deployed overseas right after Christmas. She wanted to put on her wedding dress, and have Justin in his uniform, to get some portraits of the two of them before he leaves. I felt so privileged and honored to have the opportunity, and even happier that the session could be donated, because I’m a photographer for Operation: Love Reunited. OpLove is an organization that provides free photography sessions to active duty servicemen and their families, giving our soldiers and their families something to cherish on their long absences. We sometimes hear in the news that more soldiers are needed, or that many more thousands are going to be deployed. It’s sometimes easy to forget that for each soldier, there are siblings, mothers, fathers, wives, and children that are affected. This shoot was a good reminder for me to pray for our soldiers– and their families who wait for them.

Nicki just had two requests for the session: that it not look like a ‘winter wonderland’, since she’s getting married in June, and she wanted a shot of her snazzy shoes. So we went for an ‘urban style’ session. You’d never know it was absolutely frigid out, or that snow was headed our way within a few hours after the shoot. Mission accomplished, Nicki!:)

It was wonderful to meet you both, Nicki and Justin (and your mom; thanks for your help carting around the blanket!) Here are just a few of my favorites to hold you over until your full session can be posted:

I used to bug my parents for a brother. I thought it would be the coolest relationship. And moments like this are why I still think it’s pretty special:

Here you go, Nicki:

‘Can’t wait to show you the rest!

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