Yes, I do.


I like you, little girl with blueberry eyes.

I like the freckles sprinkling across your face like a smattering of seeds blowing on the wind. My favorite freckle? Right on the inside corner of your left eye. That one.

I like the light, wispy summer-hair framing your fair face, fine and straight and smooth.

I like your fine little eyelashes, and how they droop when you’re tired.

I like your smile- even when it’s unseen. I know it’s there. Because when you smile, all of you participates in the event.

I like your constant chatter, how you have to let us know about every little thing.

I like to see you play, and listen to you pretend, and watch as you grow. And wish you would slow down that growing up. Just a little? Please?

I like you, Nory-girl.

Well, actually, it’s not about liking you, really.

I love you, Nora Kate.

You’ll always be my girl. Even when I’m old and gray. Always. K? K.

‘Sounds like a plan to me.

September 5, 2010 - 8:42 pm

erin - I hope my kids know they’re loved the way you’re kids know that they’re loved!

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