Friday Favorite. #13.

I love lavender. The texture of its leaves, the scent of its flowers when in full bloom, even its flavor in certain dishes. In the winter, I miss its scent and can’t wait to see it in flower again when summertime comes. So when I saw that my friend Kris sold a little scented pillow filled with dried lavender in her ‘Old Gates Farm’ etsy shop, I knew I would love it. And I do. Problem is? So does Nora. And now I go around the house looking for where she set it down last.

Kris also sells soaps crafted on her Vermont farm, and they smell good enough to eat. I can’t wait to use them- but had to take wait until I got some photos of their cool wrappers first. I love the typewriter labels. And the scent. (Yum.)

Visit her store here. And her website here.

Thanks, Kris!

January 14, 2011 - 5:29 pm

kris - aw, thanks so much, betsy! enjoy!

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