Friday Favorite. #14.

It’s time for another Friday Favorite, this one showcasing a fun little item Paul and I discovered on our trip to Vermont.

Our children like donuts. I do not. But I found a pan at King Arthur Flour that makes 6 donuts, baked in the oven, instead of bought at Dunkin Donuts (or fried at home, I guess?)You can even just use a muffin recipe, and your family is none the wiser. (Maybe I should make some bran muffins and pass them off as donuts?)

The pan came with a printed recipe, which was deemed a success. But last night, I made a batch with a box mix of pumpkin bread, and the kids and Paul and my adorable nephews inhaled them. I glazed the donuts with Paul’s homemade maple coffee frosting, and though I didn’t try one, they were said to be a hit. (Speaking of Paul’s frosting, that’s a post all on its own someday, when I can catch him in the kitchen and share his recipe for frosted cinnamon rolls. You will thank me. They are that good.)

Here’s an image of the pan, from the King Arthur website:

Here’s a link for you. (They have a mini donut pan, too, which I only found out about now… hmm.)


January 21, 2011 - 10:37 am

Bethany - YUM! I have the mini pan…:)

January 26, 2011 - 9:34 pm

jenna - pumpkin doughnuts with coffee frosting…yum!!! it seems you have turned an everyday treat into a delicious day. All the boys in your life ate them, but…why not you? someone once said…never trust a skinny cook. lol. do you buy that?…i don’t :) i love cooking and i have somehow, miraculously managed to remain a pretty thin frame :) i like your friday favorites, by the way…nice idea to wrap up the week while sending out inspiring ideas for the weekend. thanks for your post, i enjoyed it :)

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