Some flowers, a cowboy, and his girl.

(Familiar title, E & K?)
More photos from Kristin and Ev’s engagement shoot. I loved photographing during the golden light of this pretty fall evening. I’ve known Ev’s family for years, and it was good to be able to spend some time getting to know Kristin. Their family is a big part of my business. I shot this wedding a couple years ago (Is that possible, Chris and Aly?!), and so many of my clients are spin-offs from that wedding and their positive word of mouth; their friends, acquaintances and even co-workers. Every so often I’ll get an email that says they heard about me from Aly & Chris or one of their family members. Which is just one of the myriad reasons I’m thankful for the Skinner family and their children. It was so nice to be asked to shoot the images for Kristin and Ev’s engagement and upcoming wedding, so nice to be able to spend some time together documenting memories. Wishing you both all the very best!

Is it just me, or do you see a couple little floating hearts in this image?- I had to smile when I saw it. No photo manipulation, promise.

Thanks for a great evening, Ev & Kristin! We are looking forward to November 4th.


October 14, 2011 - 8:08 am

Sherry - Betsy, I love the milk pods picture. Wow! Yee- haw!!!

October 15, 2011 - 9:43 am

JoAnn - I got all choked up and teary eyed. Very sweet & natural. love you both!

October 16, 2011 - 7:36 am

Shannon - My favorite location! Great job Betsy – of course, the subjects make it better!

October 24, 2011 - 4:43 pm

Pam - Such gorgeous pictures. Best of luck to you both in your life together.

October 28, 2011 - 4:34 pm

coni - Wow these pictures capture your happiness and I
really loved the milk pods, they looked like angels wings…
maybe they are..
We wish you both from our hearts all the best
with your new life…God Bless you both …
Coni and Ami …Germany..
You both look gorgeous!

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