Sneak Peek of Family.

Lots to share here- once things even out a bit with our schedule and life resumes normalcy. Connecticut has been hit harder than ever before with a wacky fall snowstorm, knocking out power to over 700,00 homes. Entire towns are without electricity, heat, or water. Lines at some gas stations are excruciating. Our home phone service is unstable, and even cell phone service is spotty due to downed cell towers. We have heard that it could be weeks for some to resume power. And for some reason, we never lost power here in our home. I think there are 6 houses on our entire street that have power, and we are fortunate enough to be one of them. Which we are so glad for– and our kids are ecstatic about, because that means we get the privilege of having people stay overnight, people stop by to do laundry, to grab a shower and some warmth, family and friends eat dinner with us, a revolving door of grandparents and cousins and friends. A little haven of activity. The kids are off of school for the entire week- and maybe beyond that. (Gulp.) At one point we had 17 kids and 7 adults here. It was busy, full of memory-making moments, and the children did great. We’re so happy to be safe and warm, knowing that with overnight temps in the 20s, many others aren’t faring as well. (See more on the storm here.)

So, I didn’t take photos of any of it, which may surprise some. But I don’t do winter well, and I had no desire to document this snowy, tree-broken devastating mess in pictures. Instead I will share a happy family photo, taken at the very peak of fall. Carolyn was able to make a last-minute appointment for a family session, and it worked so well to sneak it in on a pretty fall day. Much more to share soon.

Stay warm, stay safe, Connecticut.

November 2, 2011 - 11:51 pm

Julie - I know you are not on the best of terms with Connecticut right now, but simply think of the alternative and smile.:-)

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