So much to blog- a lovely wedding post up next. ‘Can’t wait to finish it up and share with you all.

Then a little family shoot that warms the heart.

Some Christmas photos.

More family shoots.

A scrumptious little newborn session.

And somewhere in there, the life in between.


For now, three quick photos I want to remember.

Because he doesn’t show this side as often as I’d like.

And when he does, it’s worth documenting.

When this boy laughs, it’s like the sun broke through clouds.

Like the best sound his mother could ever hear.

I absolutely love it when he laughs with abandon.

So much of his nature is to hold back, so that when he lets go, it’s pretty sweet.

His laughter is deep-throated, one-shoulder-moving, and just plain delicious to the ear.

I love the crinkling eyes, the forward motion of his chin, the hands on knees.

I love that his Uncle Pete was over my shoulder, turning clouds to sunshine in Connor’s mind.

Boys being boys.

He doesn’t do it often, but when Connor laughs, it’s enough to change even my grumpy mood.

And that? Is something.

Connor, I get it. When I was young, so often your Grandpa would remind me to laugh at myself.

To not over-think things. (Okay, he still reminds me of that one.)

Knowing now how happy it makes a parent to see their child happy, I wonder if that’s why he reminded me.

So take it from one who sometimes still needs to be reminded-

Laugh more, buddy.

It suits you.


You, little man, have my heart.

For always.


December 1, 2011 - 12:09 am

Jeff - You have no idea how blessed I feel to enjoy this wonderful young man’s friendship. Give him a squeeze for me, please, and toss a frisbee with him for me on your next sunny day…

December 1, 2011 - 6:56 am

kristin - I love your description of his laugh. deep-throated, one-shoulder-moving, and just plain delicious to the ear. . . I can just picture it. And practically hear it. Makes me smile. I love that. And his jacket. He’s stylin!

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