Oh, April was really busy. We’re glad to see it over, its long days in our rear view. Tiring and full of to-do lists, and not enough time. Still not enough time. Exams and papers and graduation prep and clinical hours that stretch too far into the day. Kids school projects, Paul and I schedule-juggling and prepping, and my attempts at organization too often falling short. Gardening and outside maintenance, and busy days full of minutiae. April was tryyyiing to keep up and smile at the same time. Soon, it will be done. Soon. For now, I keep going back to this photo. It wakes me up. It makes me smile and feel really full-of-heart. It reminds me that even if it’s only a little part of the journey, that here, right now is a good place to be. Even though we’re not there yet. Right here. It is enough. I love them, these 3. So much.

“If I had a tale that I could tell you, I’d tell a tale sure to make you smile. If I had a wish that I could wish for you, I’d make a wish for sunshine all the while.”

-J. Denver

For 2012, I thought it’d be nice to take a photo of all 3 of our kids together, one (or two) for every month. A little microcosm of life, 12 times throughout the year. This has been our slice of April, in photograph.

May 2, 2012 - 7:13 am

Katie - I love that shot!

May 2, 2012 - 9:18 am

Vicki - I wish you lived in my house so you could capture gorgeous shots of my kids everyday. Love it!

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