Ruffled in Class.

So now that school is finished, I can admit to knitting during lectures. I was having difficulty finding snippets of time to make enough progress on my projects. So when I saw one of the commenters on my sisters’ blog write that they used to knit during long college lectures, I was hooked. Conveniently, I found that it seemed to help with my concentration– I could listen to the lectures as a whole instead of trying to write so many notes and breaking up my train of thought. (That’s how I justified it, anyway.) I would tape the lectures and then listen to them again at home and take notes as needed. It worked perfectly, and made me almost look forward to the 2 hour lectures.

A little iPhone proof:

I had to be sure and only bring projects that were fairly straightforward without a lot of intricacies. So I brought my (unending) afghan project and a ruffle scarf as my works-in-progress so that I wouldn’t have to worry about lots of complex stitches. I finished the ruffle scarf within a couple of weeks. It was fairly easy – after I called my sister a couple times to figure out what I was doing, of course. I thought I’d maybe make it again, but for now I’ll wait- 648 stitches in a row got to be a little… long.

I blocked the scarf so that the ruffles were a little looser than the original pattern, and it drapes in softer waves in the Blue Sky Alpaca yarn. I’m giving it as a gift for a friend, hoping it will work well as a nice, light summer evening scarf.

‘Still lots to learn with this knitting thing, but I’m quite enjoying it at present.

Raveled here.


May 23, 2012 - 8:09 am

Kara - looks great. I’m sure the friend will like it, if she doesn’t — she’s crazy :)

May 23, 2012 - 11:15 am

Sheila - I had the same thought Betsy…I had bought two different skeins of Madelinetosh, thinking I was going to knit two ruffled scarves…well, Leah got hers, and mine??? well, that will have to wait a while:)

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