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I’ve been looking for some fun (DIY, low-budget) ways to add little pops of color to our kitchen. We recently (View full post »

Weekend Recap.

I like Saturdays, how they are open, full of unstructured possibility. I like how the day stretches out in front of youView full post »

The Little Things.

We’re working hard at finishing both the boys’ room and my new studio. And I’m getting really reallyView full post »


So, this post is full of random little somethings to begin the week. First up, a little look into an elementary-styleView full post »

Projects. And something else.

I’ve heard it said that it doesn’t cost anything to dream. Technically, that’s probably correct. ButView full post »

Friday Favorite. #12

So I wrote earlier that when I found the courage, I would share a tutorial on this project. ‘Not sure if I foundView full post »

Incongruence. {A pillow tutorial}.

Edited to add:  My little tutorial was featured today (Thurs.) over at the Under the Sycamore blog- and I’m justView full post »


Today, I have a bunch of rambles. Random thoughts that bounce around in my head when I am low on slumber. Not a prettyView full post »

I like…

…Etsy. Are you sick of hearing that from me? I hope not. Because I mostly likely will continue to blog about itView full post »


So, I had really wanted our living room to be formal- and tried hard to keep it that way. The only problem? We’reView full post »


Okay, the reason I’m posting this here is so that I actually do something with these. I’ve had an ideaView full post »