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Sneak Peek

What better way to say ‘New England-born’ than baby portraits on a stone wall, in a town by the name ofView full post »

Sweet Summertime

(above photo by my lovely sister Katie) “What is one to say about June, the time of perfect young summer, theView full post »


Some things are just too heartfelt and private to publicly put on a photo journal. Some things are known so deeply, it&#View full post »

Adventure: (n) participation in exciting undertakings or enterprises

Elizabeth Park captured my attention in overload during this session. We had great light to photograph in, someView full post »

Anytime: (adv.) at any time; regardless of hour, date, etc.; whenever.

*Lots of posts to check out below* Illinois images are all finished- Thanks again to all who so graciously made me feelView full post »

Family: (n) a group of related things or people.

*Lots of posts below- very busy with photo journal entries…* Sometimes I get to do things that remind me just howView full post »


We started Bonnie’s session in a tiny little town where I assumed we maybe wouldn’t find much for backdropsView full post »

Senior Session- Lori

This session was great– I had all sorts of extra helpers! First, thanks to my sister Melinda for working theView full post »

Senior Session- Mark

One thing I love about shooting in places that are unfamiliar is the element of surprise and expectation I get when IView full post »

Anytime: (adv.) at any time; regardless of hour, date, etc.; whenever.

*Be sure to scroll down to check other posts- photo journal overload…* I had never met Janae or Jeremy beforeView full post »

Senior Session- Molly

*Posting overload- be sure to check through what may have been missed below.* Another Senior session from Illinois–View full post »

Senior Session- Marlise

*Be sure to check out the posts below- lots going on lately. And coming up: Molly, Jeremy & Janae, Mark, Bonnie,View full post »

Clarity: n) clearness or lucidity as to perception or understanding; freedom from indistinctness or ambiguity.

I can’t look at these pictures without crying. Okay, I couldn’t even take these pictures without crying. YesView full post »

Senior Session- Sam

Okay, so I have to just say it: Sam’s grown up. Not that long ago, I was hanging out here in CT with his bigView full post »

Senior Session- Julie

I’m going to be posting lots (and lots) of photos in the next few days; sometimes more than one in a day. Be sureView full post »