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Illinois images are all finished- Thanks again to all who so graciously made me feel welcome! I had a wonderful time, and look forward to seeing some of you again! Now it’s back to East Coast ‘shooting”–

So, when Emily called for a photo session and told me that she and Bill hadn’t had professional pictures taken since their wedding 15 years ago, I was right on it! I love it when couples decide it’s just time to document their relationship- for any reason. We met at Fox Hill on a weekday evening (one without rain, which is hard to come by lately!) I’ve wanted to do a shoot there for awhile, and Emily said that when they lived in the area, she and Bill would go up there often. It’s always nice to do a shoot in a place that has meaning.

I always encourage people to incorporate props into their pictures, so Bill & Emily brought the hat that Bill wears all the time, and then also some live props! Their nephews and niece joined the session part way through, and all 3 of the little ones did so well.

A certain someone told me that he never has taken a ‘good’ picture, and he’s terribly unphotogenic. Hearing that, I decided I would have to meet up with the challenge. I think I proved you wrong, Bill!:)

So typical of these two- Bill says something funny and he knows it’s quite humorous, and Emily cracks up-

Mr. ‘Unphotogenic’ himself-

There are so many of this next shot where everyone is looking right at my camera, and it’s all set up neatly. But I absolutely love this one the best- the interaction, Austin reaching to move the parasol, Olivia thinking that this is pretty special–that she gets to hold it, Caleb wondering where Mommy is… the whole thing makes me smile. So the posed one didn’t make it to the blog. This one did. Love it.

Oh, those eyes:

One of my favorites, for the same reasons as the group shot above-

Hello? Love this image. This location is about a mile from my house. I got home that night and asked Paul, “And why don’t we go to Fox Hill like all the time… ?”:)

Oh, this one makes me sing inside-

Don’t they look all serious and romantic? Ummm, I just told them to talk, and do their thing. So this picture looks lovey-dovey and sweet, deep and thoughtful, right? All I know is they were hungry, and this conversation involved words like ‘pizza’ and ‘Caesar salad.’:)

Thanks, Bill and Em! I have no idea how you’re going to choose your images– too many to pick from. Thanks for being so easy-going!

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