Adventure: (n) participation in exciting undertakings or enterprises

Elizabeth Park captured my attention in overload during this session. We had great light to photograph in, some wonderful leading lines and flowers, and a sweet, inquisitive little boy who enjoyed the day as an adventurous outing. Samuel is such a well-behaved 3-year-old. (I mean, how often do you see those words together in a sentence? ‘Well-behaved’ and ‘three-year-old’?;)

Samuel was happy, composed and carefree all in one. And does he adore his parents or what?! He kept us on our toes as he explored and discovered, but was such fun to photograph! And since today is rainy and gross here in CT, I’m glad we get to feel a little taste of summer through this gorgeous family and the location they chose!

I had a hard time deciding on which ones to journal, so many of this photogenic group. Thanks for a great session, Samuel and family. It was so nice to finally meet all 3 of you! Enjoy your images-

I can’t say how happy this picture feels- and there are so many more like this, Deidy! The leading lines of the arches, your sweet family, the green grass leading up to the 3 of you. How your adventurous little boy is looking off to the distance to see what else he can learn about. How Daddy looks like he’s smiling, even though you can’t see his face. And Mommy, looking down with love at her little boy. It’s all about the details and the emotion. Love it.

Yeah, somebody loves his Mommy. Dearly.

Samuel has such a zest for life… Who knew that blowing bubbles could be so hilarious?! And then he checks behind him to make sure Mom and Dad see the humor in the whole thing:

Samuel decided it was time to explore, so we took the opportunity to get just Mom and Dad alone while he took off. As soon as he saw we were taking more pictures, Samuel ran up and hugged his Mom with all his might. So glad he did!

Here the little inquisitive part of Sam is so obvious. He had to see just how my shutter worked. Which made me rather happy, as his eyes are stunning here. Brown eyes photograph so well, and look beautiful when put in black and white:

Doesn’t he just look the part, leaning to the side all serious?

These next two show just how much Samuel totally admires his Dad:

And I had to end with this one. If you’re not careful, it could put a lump in your throat. (Not like that has ever happened to me or anything…)

*Thanks for a wonderful session, Samuel and family… It was so nice to meet all of you!

“Adventure: the pursuit of life.”

-Daniel Roy Wiarda

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