Some things are just too heartfelt and private to publicly put on a photo journal. Some things are known so deeply, it’s hard to explain their value. And though I can be rather verbose, I can’t find it in me to publish the recesses of my heart. Suffice it to say that for some reason, I have been blessed beyond anything I deserved with a father of my own, and then with a father to my children, who both support, encourage and love me and our children. I have no horrible stories of pain and trauma from my upbringing, just placid memories and things to laugh about now that they are over. And seeing how fortunate my children are to have a Dad that is so good to them and me, I have confidence that they will be able to say the same thing about Paul when they are grown. Happy Father’s Day, Paul. Happy Father’s Day, Dad. We love you.

“What do I owe my father? Everything.”

~ Henry Van Dyke, American author & educator (1852-1933)

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